Organic Optoelectronics: Theory and Devices

Metal Oxide Optoelectronics: Theory and Devices

  • Effect of atmospheric CO2 on surface segregation and phase formation in LSCF thin films

    Yang Y, Luo H, Cetin D, Lin X, Ludwig K, Pal U, Gopalan S, and Basu SN
    Applied Surface Science (in print) 2014

  • Predicting oxygen vacancy non-stoichiometric concentration in perovskites from first principles

    Luo H, Shin YW, Yu Y, Cetin D, Ludwig K, Pal U, Basu SN, Gopalan S, and Lin X
    Applied Surface Science (in print) 2014

Glass Transition Theory

Plasticity Theory of Amorphous Solids

Plasticity Theory of Crystalline Solids

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Quantum Monte Carlo

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